Some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the 2010 State Meet.

Q: When is the deadline to register for the event?
December 30, 2009 is when the room reservation at the hotel ends.  Also after December 30th, we cannot guarantee that the cost of the events will not increase for late registrations.
Q: Do I need to stay at the hotel to attend the banquet?
A: N
o, but staying at the hotel is very enjoyable.

Q: Do I need to attend the banquet to be eligible for the raffle and auction items?
A: Yes.
Q: Is the event family friendly?
A: Yes, in so much that we couldn't negotiate a child rate.  Parents are expected to monitor their children.  At the track event, children should always remain in close proximity to the parents and under their direct immediate supervision.
Q: What can I expect to gain from this track event?
A: A higher level of driving, a new appreciation for your car, a driving awareness that you didn't know existed.
Q: Do we drive our own cars at the Harris Hill Road track event?
A: Yes you will drive your own car.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about your Audi and improve your driving skills.
Q: Do we need any special car safety inspection for the track event?
A: Yes.  The inspection form can be downloaded from HERE.  Please have a qualified auto mechanic check the items on this form prior to the event.
Q: Can I get the track safety inspection performed at the Texas State Audi Meet or at the track?
A: No.  You will need to have this inspection completed prior to the event.  Due to the short track event, we will not have time to perform inspections.
Q: Does my car need to be street legal in order to drive at the track event?
A: You must have general liability insurance (or greater) on the car, but it does not have to be registered.
Q: Are there any exhaust sound limits for the track?
A: Yes.  Harris Hill Road has a maximum sound limit of 99 dBA at 30 feet.  Any cars suspected of being too loud will be tested at the event, and violators may be asked to stop driving.
Q: Are spectators allowed at the track?
A: Yes.  Spectators associated with the Texas Audi State Meet (e.g. close friends and family) will be allowed.
Q: Are outside food and drink allowed at the track.
A: Yes.  We encourage you to bring whatever food and drink you like.  Also the clubhouse will have beverages available for $1 each.  Please be sure to stay hydrated.
Q: Can students I take passengers out on the track?
A: No.  Only approved Advanced Solo drivers and Instructors may take passengers.  All passengers must sign the track waiver and also wear and approved helmet.
Q: How many cars will be on the track at one time?
A: We expect 10-15 cars per run group.
Q: How do I know who my instructor is?
A: The registration packet will contain your instructor's name, and he/she will also come find you during the morning information session.
Q: How do I know when it is my turn to go out on track?
A: You will be provided a schedule in your registration packet.  It is your responsibility to keep track of what run group is on track and when your turn is next.  We will also try to make announcements for the next sessions to "grid up".
Q: How do I know if my car and I are ready to go on track?
A: While it is your personal responsibility to determine this, at a minimum we ask that you are hydrated, have your run group sticker on your windshield, have your helmet on, confirmed your wheel lugs are tightened using a torque wrench to factory specs, and your tire pressures are set to the appropriate level.
Q: How do I know what the specs are for wheel lug torque and tire pressure?
A: Check your owners manual or usually on the drivers door sill.
Q: Where can I get air for my tires?
A: You can bring you own air tank, borrow air from other participants or borrow the tank in the Harris Hill Road garage.
Q: I don't have a helmet.  Will there be any available to borrow?
A: Yes.  Harris Hill Road has a few of each size available to borrow.  First come first served.
Q: The 15-20 minute driving sessions sound short.  Why don't we get to drive longer?
A: With lap times in the 1:35-1:50 range, you will get several laps per session.  After this time, both you and your car will need a break.
Q: Why are there passing zones?
A: This is a high performance driving event, not a race.  We used predefined passing zones on the straights for everyone's safety.
Q: What are the passing signals and why do we use them?
A: If you would like the car behind you to pass, you will need to point your arm and finger out the driver's side window.  This lets the car behind you know that you are ready for them to pass.  Passing is only allowed on the driver's side of the car.
Q: How are run groups assigned?
A: In addition to the level you signed up for, the run groups are based on student experience, then car performance capabilities and total event demographics.  The track organizers have the final say on who is in each run group.
Q: What should I wear while driving?
A: Open face or full face SNELL 2000 or newer rated helmet, cotton/denim shirt and long pants, and thin-soled sneakers. No sandals, open toe shoes, or man-made fabrics.
Q: What is the minimum driving age?
A: You must be 18 years old or older to drive at this event.
Q: What if it rains on the day of the track event?
A: Quattro weather!!!  Donít get discouraged, as rain is a very good learning tool for car control. If you can hone your skills in the rain, you will be even better in the dry.


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